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The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two major parties that had dominated politics for decades. The Libertarian Party has always been, and still is, the ONLY party defending ALL of your rights.

However, the future of this party is in jeopardy.

The Libertarian Party was structured from the ground up to address the inherent corruption and problems of the major parties. The Libertarian Party's charter was a radical experiment that prioritized openness, inclusiveness, and democracy. It centralized power at the bottom, with the members and delegates, rather than the top. The Libertarian Party deliberately has weak officer positions and it's very difficult to remove anyone from the membership. Our founders wanted to make sure every Libertarian was heard.

What was our strength for 50 years is now being exploited as a weakness. A political action committee known as the Mises PAC (AKA Mises Caucus) is attempting to take control of the Libertarian Party by means of convention-packing. They are bussing people to Libertarian conventions, telling them how to vote, and seizing control of state Libertarian Parties by installing puppet officers. We have lost almost 14 state affiliates so far.

The Mises PAC is not a democratically-run organization. Its "members" cannot vote on the leadership, organization, or activities of the PAC; they just pay dues and follow orders. The Mises PAC's chairman cannot be removed from office by the "membership," which has the effect of making him chairman for life. If the Mises PAC is successful in taking over the Libertarian Party, the entire party will be directly under the control of one man, the Mises PAC's chairman.

We believe that power consolidation and unilateral political control are antithetical to the principles of Libertarianism. No one man should have complete control of our political party. We believe every Libertarian should have a say in how our party is run.

The Mises PAC's actions are, without question, a hostile takeover. Our political party, built for egalitarian participation, isn't designed to withstand hostile takeover tactics. We are vulnerable and there is a very real threat that we will lose control of our political party within the next one to three years.

The Libertarian Party has existed for 50 years and the Libertarian Defense Fund is here to make sure the Libertarian Party survives for another 50 years. We are our party's first, last, and only line of defense against hostile takeovers.


What We Do


To keep the Mises PAC from taking control of state affiliates, we engage in convention counter-packing. We recruit new members, reach out to old members, advertise your state's convention, and generally make sure Mises will be outnumbered at conventions.

Candidate Recruitment

It's impossible to defeat a hostile takeover without having candidates opposite Mises on the ballot. We recruit candidates for inter-party offices to make sure that Mises always has opposition.

Bylaws Hardening

We identify and address the inherent flaws in each state affiliate's bylaws that could make them susceptible to hostile takeovers. We then attempt to fix these weaknesses via bylaws changes.


Occasionally, a state party becomes fractured by a hostile takeover attempt and there is a dispute as to who the rightful executive committee and/or board of directors is. If necessary, the Libertarian Defense Fund will file lawsuits to settle disputes as to who is actually entitled to represent the party.

Post-Mises Affiliate Management

Once a takeover has been defeated and a state affiliate has been returned to members of the Libertarian Party, we then focus on keeping Mises out permanently. We employ tactics to make sure they do not gain a foothold in that state ever again.

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